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Product information

Sewn Bellows

The most popular, most cost effective and are manufactured from a series of stamped annular square, rectangular, or pear shaped pieces sewn together. Specific 'split' Bellows are available with a zipper closure to eliminate machine disassembly and downtime. Sewn Bellows are offered in a variety of materials and material thickness with superior abrasive resistance to accommodate most applications. The choice of materials is influenced by the operating conditions, application and the type of construction.

Sewn Bellows

Why choose Sewn Bellows?

  • Manufacture time is minimal and can be quick depending on size and quantity
  • A break down service is available.
  • Most shapes and sizes can be manufactured cost effectively. 
  • We can manufacture small and large quantities cost effectively.
  • They can be manufactured with zippers, to eliminate disassembly and downtime.
  • We have a large choice of materials to choose from.

We also supply a large range of accessories including Zippers, Stiffeners, Vents for breathing in Sealed Covers and more.

Black and White Sewn Bellows

Molded Bellows

Used where the most arduous applications are required. They can be manufactured in all types of Rubber Polymers and Polyurethanes. These Bellows are Air Tight and Water Tight and can be manufactured cost effectively even for low volume production. These Bellows are ideal for accommodating lateral movement or misalignment between fixing points. They are also ideally suited where aesthetics are a major factor in your equipment as they can be manufactured in any colour.

Molded Bellows

Why choose Molded Bellows

  • Long Life Best Chemical resistance to ozone, hydrocarbons, moderate chemicals, UV Rays, oils and greases.
  • Choose molded Bellows when ascetic appeal is important.
  • If the Bellow is an important feature of the assembly or unit, and when colour is important. We can generally match most colours.
  • Choose molded Bellows for large quantities. 
  • Choose molded Bellows when you require a completely Air Tight Seal. Molded Bellows can be manufactured using most Polymers like Neoprene, Nitrile, Hypalon, EPDM, Viton, PTFE and Polyurethane.
Molded Bellows

Vulcanised & Welded Bellows

Manufactured specifically for demanding applications where seams inherent to a sewn bellow are not acceptable. Similar to the standard Sewn Bellow, sections are cut separately and then joined to form the completed cover; the Sealed Sections are joined by vulcanizing rather than sewing, resulting in a seamless cover. This technique results in many advantages including a neater appearance, longer life in abrasive environments, and a complete seal to withstand moderate internal or external pressures.

Vulcanized Bellows

Why choose Vulcanised & Welded Bellows?

  • Individually joined pieces provide optimum extension.
  • When aesthetic appearance is a key factor.
  • When you require a leak tight seal.
  • Long Life.
  • Good Chemical Resistance.
  • Good Mechanical Strength.
Vulcanized and Welded Bellows
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