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Bellowflex Australia supplies a range of accessories such as.....


Full length zippers can be incorporated into the bellow, in cases where it will be difficult or too time consuming to dismantle the equipment for placement of the bellow. Zippers can be provided in metallic or poly-plastic type.


These type of inserts are used where the shape of the bellow needs to be maintained in working conditions. They consist of, internal steel rings or plastic disc inserts.

Vents for breathing in Sealed Covers

Often it is a prerequisite for the bellows not to build up an positive or negative pressure, in such cases air vents can be used. Sometimes moisture can also be an issue and therefore an air vent will allow for the moisture to evaporate from within the bellow.

Tie Straps

For long working length bellows it is advisable to use tie straps, this allows the bellow to stretch evenly along the working length.

Tie Wires

Can be used to eliminate other fastening methods for the cuff ends. In cases where the bellow is not likely to be over stretched, tie wires can be an effective method of securing the bellow and eliminate the use of hose clamps.

Internal Shaft Guides / Inserts - for Ball Screws

For long working length bellows, where the application is over an ACME or ball screw application, sagging of the bellow can sometimes cause some operational difficulties, where the bellow or even the ball screw may become damaged. For these instances we suggest the use of internal shaft guides or bush supports.

Eyelet Tab Supports

These supports are used externally and consist of small tabs with an eyelet, placed at the outer perimeter of the bellow.

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