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What materials are available?
Depending on the application of the bellow. There are different materials that will best suit applications.
Refer to our material list.

What is the difference between a ring and a convolution?
A ring is an individual single piece. Two rings sewn together make up one convolution. Convolutions sewn together make up a bellow.

Why is the shaft diameter so important?
The shaft diameter is important as it allows us to determine the internal and external diameter of the bellow.

Why is there are difference between smooth shaft and screw jack (ACME screw) shafts?
For smooth shaft applications the inside diameter of the bellow can be 1 or 2mm larger than the shaft diameter. For the screw jack application you require a larger clearance between the shaft and the inside diameter of the bellow, (generally we would allow 6mm) as the bellow may get caught on the thread of the screw and hence damaging the bellow or the equipment.

What are internal bushes?
For horizontal applications or where the internal diameter of the bellow needs to be maintained clear from the shaft. An internal bush is used to ensure this clearance is maintained.

When can I use a zipper on my bellow?
In cases where the equipment is difficult to disassemble a zipper can be attached to the bellow.
Note however that for a zipper to be used the difference between the ID and OD of the bellow must be > 75mm.

Why use a breather plug?
In cases where the bellow cannot create negative or positive pressure on the application a breather plug is used. Also a breather plug allows any moisture to escape.

Are stitched bellows water proof?
Stitched bellows are considered shower proof but not entirely water proof or water tight, therefore they cannot be submerged in any liquid medium, nor are they able to maintain any liquid medium. Rain or water splashing can be tolerated.

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